Christmas in Pennsylvania/ 2002

Christmas at Frank and Maureen's/ Dec 2002

Dan and Nancy's Wedding/ Dec 2002

Michael Kors Christmas Party/ Dec 2002

Snowfall in Central Park/ Dec 2002

Thanksgiving in Arizona/ 2002

NYC Marathon and Party/ Nov 2002

Ed and Caroline's Halloween Party/ Oct 2002

Long Beach Irish Festival/ Oct 2002

Pictures of Carolyn Marie Cooney/ Sept 2002

Kathy's Birthday Party on the West Side/ Sept 2002

Pictures of Aramayah

Brett's 30th Birthday in Ocean City/ Aug 2002

Steve's House in the Catskills/ Aug 2002

Bethany Beach at the Ruggiero's House/ July 2002

Summer in Vermont at Russ' House/ July 2002

BBQ in Long Beach/ July 2002                                                   

Jenn's Roof Deck Party/ July 2002

Winter in Vermont/ March 2002

Sunrise on the Upper East Side/ Jan 2002