Christmas and Thanksgiving Pictures in Henryville and Yardley/ 2003

Thanksgiving in California/ Nov 2003

Shaker and Zoe's Wedding/ November 22nd 2003

Rachel and Jason's Wedding/ October 26th 2003

Ed and Caroline Maher's Wedding/ Sept 13th 2003

John and Danielle McMurray/ August 30th 2003

Pictures in Pennsylvania/ July 2003

More Pictures of the Princess

Adam and Melissa's Wedding/ July 16th 2003

A collage of Matt's pictures by Chris and Marylou

Sean and Matt's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Brett and Dana's Wedding/ June 21, 2003

Sean and Alexis' Wedding/ May 16, 2003

Brooklyn Botanical Garden/ May 2003

Winter in Vermont/ Feb 2003